Last week Kyle and Dan debated who was indeed the best "playa" and now they take that argument to print in this week's installment of No Right Explanation.


Chris: As some of you may have noticed, I didn't debate in last Thursday's episode. I didn't even step in at the last second with a cheeky joke or non sequitur or anything. The reason is that, as with many debates, I have not seen everything and do not know everything. For instance, I have not seen more than maybe five 007 movies, though I only remember GoldenEye. Nor have I seen a single episode of the original Star Trek, (the new movie was an enjoyable lark though). That's why when Dan and Kyle got into it, I was able to be the perfect non-biased judge since the only way any of these guys could convince me was to debate correctly. And they did that, for the most part.

I'm not as thorough as Dan is about keeping track of how he made his decision, as his version is all mental and he edits things together anyway, so after his choice he can just include what he needs to fit it in for time. My version had me counting points on my fingers as they went along, and if I remember correctly, they both went into the drinking portion completely tied with five fingers.

The big argument that swayed me over to Kirk's side was the notion that he has gone to space and has therefore had relations in a place that James Bond did not and could not go. Bond may have hook ups all around the globe, but Kirk has done it beyond what humans these days have been able to do. I'm not saying I look up to Kirk for that, but rather that if things had gone slightly different in my life, I could conceivably match Bond's exploits. The same does not hold true for Kirk.

And that's basically my involvement this time. I just sat back and watched the two fall deeper into man-pig territory and watched for anything that could land them in trouble, all while counting on my fingers like an English Major has been trained to do. Somehow they went a whole episode without doing or saying anything that could really enflame fans or specific religious groups or cultures and such. A good time was truly had by all.

Then Dan wrote up a silly lead-in and offended an Irish-Catholic. So close!

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