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No Right Explanation
Worst Videogame Movie Ever

Firefilm | 26 Mar 2012 12:00
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Last week the guys debated as to which was the worst videogame to movie adaptation ever and they were unable to come upon an answer. Read as they continue their fruitless debate in this week's No Right Explanation.


Chris: From the viewer response, it seems that our debate on the worst video game movie was a smashing success and turned into a favorite episode for many, but throughout the comments I noticed something hilarious. Despite picking quite a few examples and despite my comment at the very end for why we only pick two choices per debate, we received more than a few comments informing us that we somehow forgot to include the likes of Doom, Tomb Raider, and anything by Uwe Boll. Again I say, hilarious.

Seeing as how this isn't our usual structure and Dan didn't give us any points, I'd just like to talk about some video games movies that I did actually like. Truth be told, I actually rather enjoy Super Mario Bros as it's a fascinating take on the source material, and really, doing it exactly like the games portrays it would be a tough sell as a movie. I also liked the original Street Fighter movie because it is so deliciously corny that it makes a great partner for movie nights with Over The Top or Running Man. Plus, Tomb Raider carried the two biggest aspects of the games into the films perfectly well, and we should all thank Angelina Jolie for that.

I also liked Silent Hill more than I believe I'm supposed to, though not because it scared me or anything. Rather, it just felt like a decent movie instead of a silly "hey this is a video game turned into a movie" feel. Oh, and I couldn't make it through either Silent Hill or Silent Hill 2 without mocking them for being utterly silly games, so maybe that's why I don't feel particularly worried about keeping the story sacred.

Were I to select games I'd actually love seeing turned into movies, I'd probably go with something like Paper Mario since the art style and ability to constantly break the fourth wall makes for a really enjoyable animated flick with some incredibly creative characters and situations. I'll never get tired of the paper-related jokes, truth be told.

Also, if Michael Bay wants so badly to turn classic anthropomorphized franchises into aliens, why not just give him one that already contains aliens and his usual brand of "oorah, military!" Star Fox gets so little love from Nintendo that just about anything anyone does with them would be wonderful. The concept is already silly and campy, so why not just go all out?

To conclude, game movies are a hard sell, I want a Star Fox movie, and no matter how many options you put in a debate, you can't please everyone. And finally, of course we haven't seen anything by Uwe Boll, but he's in a whole league of his own with these things.

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