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No Right Explanation
Wonder Woman Manlier Than Superman?

Firefilm | 9 Apr 2012 12:00
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Dan: It's quite shocking to me that, while the debate topic and choices were clearly made to troll and poke fun, the debate itself as well as the outcome was unilaterally applauded by our audience. Some said it was the best debate yet, that never gets old. I am glad that when we try new things, they generally land solidly on their feet, and you have now not only encouraged us to continue pushing the envelope, but also to read your comments and publicly react to them. Bravo to you all.

First point went to Chris even though he used the improper term for defining Wonder Woman's manliness. He stated that despite her female gender, she is manly in personality. Many of you might remember from that one English class you didn't hate, that sex is the person's physical attributes and gender is the societal class you fit in. One can be female in sex but male in gender; however, I knew what he meant and it was true. Wonder Woman may show off the goods, but she's got balls the size of Matzah balls when it comes to her gender.

Second point went to Kyle who reminds us that Superman, however "Infinite Crisis-ey" he has gotten lately, was originally the perfect man. He was honest, invulnerable, handsome ... basically everything a man wanted to be. His roots are deep, and those roots have chest hair.

Chris took the third point with his wonderful example of Wonder Woman taking charge and acting like a man. Now when I say that, I mean the societal stereotypical acting like a man, not the real world. She learned what had to be done, and did it. Was there thought of consequences? No time, problem was met with her solution and it was over. Done. I am sure men reading this are applauding her straightforward action, while women are chiming in about how she didn't think ahead about what she was doing. Maybe there are exceptions to that statement, but come on ladies ... are you going to tell me your man hasn't tried to solve a problem before thinking about how bad of an idea their solution really was?

Kyle got the horny point, a point that he would have had stripped if Chris had just countered with a similar story on his side. I am sure Wonder Woman has been seduced against her will, but as the argument wasn't made, it sounded to me like Supes was the only one of the two who thought with his wang. And when you have an unstoppable super-creature trying to have a pissing contest with you over a girl, well that's just super-manly.

Bullets and bracelets. Such ... a stupid ... idea. If any redneck southern US male wrapped his wrists in Kevlar and tried to do this game, he would be laughed right out of the emergency room. Wonder Woman may make it look good, but the shear stupidity of the game matched with the fact that it's something they do not only for military training but for fun? That's just mantastic.

Chris rubs the win in Kyle's face with the next point, and boy was it a good one. Fans have agreed that Superman probably would have been a scientist had his laboratory not exploded along with the planet it was built on. Wonder Woman was never destined for anything other that kicking butts and wearing bullet-proof jewelry. I had never thought of this, and the debate really opened my eyes to the fact that Superman wouldn't be a superhero had he landed on many different planets. Or other parts of Earth, see Red Son.

Kyle tried to make a comeback, but he ended up just playing a little rock paper scissors, and that was that. We hope that everyone floods our comment boards with other debate ideas in the future, and it looks like many already have. Keep 'em coming, and we look forward to smiling that special troll smile at you soon.

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