No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Wonder Woman Manlier Than Superman?

Firefilm | 9 Apr 2012 12:00
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Last week they guys debated the manliness of Superman and Wonder Woman and now they bring that debate to it's ultimate conclusion in this installment of No Right Explanation.


Chris: This last week marks the first time we've actively decided to troll someone. Sure, Dan's selected some odd titles for otherwise regular debates (going with "Best Anime Ever" for the Pokemon vs Digimon debate comes to mind), but we haven't really sat down as a group and decided it was time to point our crapulence at anyone or any specific topic until now.

So then, the gauntlet was thrown with Manliest Superhero Ever between Superman and Wonder Woman, words carefully chosen by a viewer when saying that Kyle seemed to pick choices that made no sense (specifically that he said GoldenEye was overrated a few episodes back). Note that we weren't really debating the true manliest superhero; we were going off of the choices given. Dan had to edit this episode down just a hair, but one of the hairs cut was me explicitly pointing out that the challenge was made with Superman and Wonder Woman, hence why Batman wasn't in the running.

So for once, we weren't just oblivious to the choices you probably wanted us to pick.

That said, we had a god laugh at the notion that one of us would have to argue that Wonder Woman was somehow manlier than Superman, and Kyle gladly took Supes' side. And then immediately learned that it was a mistake. I gave a hearty chuckle, realizing victory was all but mine for all the reasons I pointed out in the episode proper, but this is classic debate misdirection. I was able to define some of the terms of the debate to best suit my case.

In classic debate style, and yes I do know it, one of the strongest actions you can take is to define the debate further, in this case deciding that manliness was going to be defined by aggression, callousness, and overall war-like qualities as it better suited my arguments in favor of Wonder Woman. Had Kyle stepped in and decided to challenge this definition, as so many comments rightfully did, I might have suddenly found my solid ground turning to sand.

Again, debating isn't about finding the right answer; it's about showing that you're at least more right than the guy next to you. It's just like the classic bear analogy. You don't have to be able to run faster than the bear, just the guy running next to you. The same principle works for debating, and at times more so (bears are generally more civil when discussing pop culture than fans of said culture). We may have taken a viewer's unintentional challenge, but I made sure to sway the wording in my favor.

Just let this be a lesson to you: Please do give us an excuse to take your comments out of context and make episodes on them. We love doing it, and yes we do read both the Facebook and Escapist comments. Have at you!

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