No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Live-Action Cartoons and Why They Fail

Firefilm | 16 Apr 2012 12:00
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Kyle: Wow, here we go everybody.

If there's one thing that we didn't take into account during the debate, it's the possibility for a redeeming sequel. Could The Last Airbender be easily forgotten if followed by two fantastic sequels that embody the spirit of the show? Sure. It's unlikely, but it's totally possible if they put the right amount of talent and money and time into it.

Funny thing: Dragonball: Evolution is such a failure that even the perfect trilogy of Dragonball Z films couldn't save the series. First off, the cast wouldn't come back. Justin Chatwin and Emmy Rossum are busy getting naked and winning Emmies on Showtime. The studio wouldn't touch them now. They can't play the ultimate hero couple after shifting their careers that far into gritty cable stuff.

Moreover, Shayamalan did prove that one whole season of TLA could be condensed into one movie. Fact is, three movies would have been enough for that whole series. But Dragonball? That series doesn't end. By the time they would get into the parts that people really want, Chatwin would be age-appropriate for Master Roshi. A studio can't greenlight an indefinite series. This isn't Rocky.

Also, at least The Last Airbender had the correct production design. DB:E looked like a Disney Channel original movie for crying out loud. I've got friends who could do the same special effects on a laptop with Adobe products.

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