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No Right Explanation
Best Superhero Team Ever

Firefilm | 7 May 2012 12:00
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Last week the guys debated which was the best superhero team ever. Now they bring that debate to you and you alone. Don't tell anyone.


Chris: Okay, we're in a very exciting new week here as my team, The Avengers, has proved that they kick exactly all of the butts. If you haven't gone out and seen why I was irrefutably right regarding the best superhero team, then I just don't know how you manage to live with yourself. Bob already approved it and thus far hasn't found it to interfere with the upcoming 2012 election, so you're in the clear to enjoy The Avengers! Me, however, I need to write up what Kyle should have said against my choice and in affirmation of his own.

Please do not misinterpret me saying that I like the Avengers more as me saying that the Justice League must therefore suck. I can get into the many misadventures of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Martian Manhunter just as much as anything the House of Marvel can throw my way, specifically when they're written with a bit more care. A few examples of excellent Justice League stories that Kyle omitted to challenge The Civil War would include Identity Crisis, Justice, and even to some extent Final Crisis.

For me, the DC Crisis events are an extremely hard sell, but I acknowledge that they're great in terms of what they intend to accomplish, as well as how beloved they are for fans. While Marvel's events are good fun, they just don't hit DC's events' level of scope. Marvel has the Avengers fighting one another. DC has the Justice League fighting the end of the known universe (or universes).

Plus, I'm being rather unfair when I say that the Justice League has nothing to offer outside of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as the other big characters all have strong followings and again, when written correctly, are fantastic together. It's also a bit surprising that Kyle didn't refute my "Batman is never interesting outside of Gotham City" argument with the events leading up to Infinite Crisis, namely Batman creating a giant spy satellite that watched over every single super on the planet. It's just a shame that my DC-slander isn't shut down throughout the video where all I have to do is point at The Avengers and chuckle to myself, knowing my team is secure in $ucce$$.

When you get right down to it, the argument is extremely nebulous as neither the Avengers nor the Justice League really have a set "team" any given issue. There are certainly runs of issues that keep the same core, but as a whole, pitting JLA against the original Avengers may have had an entirely different outcome.

Doesn't matter, my team has a giant green rage monster and a guy dressed in an American flag. You can't beat that! USA! USA!

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