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No Right Explanation
The British Are Coming!

Firefilm | 28 May 2012 12:00
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This week the guys go over the recent UR Right Answer competition and why they chose who they chose.


Chris: So if I didn't know any better, I'd say we had us our first viewer contest for No Right Answer and in the end it turned out rather well. Y'all may be curious as to why we selected the individuals that we did, specifically the submission by Reese and Phil that pitted Bethesda against Bioware, so hey, why not explain things a bit more while I'm here? Let's get things started, and because I'm such a Negative Nelly, I'll tell you why our top three finalists didn't get chosen and why we choose our winner.

Best TV Scientist

(please forgive the audio sync, a fix was not ready at time of publishing)

To be fair, we rather enjoyed all our entries, and I was instantly on the side of this one that had Bill Nye going against Beakman in a rather interesting topic. Sadly, the topic would be part of the undoing as my first response upon hearing "TV scientist" was to instantly think of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. This was a rather eye-opening experience as I finally got to experience firsthand what many of you must go through every week when we fail to pick your favorite options. Anyway, I started to then wonder if there were other options out there and couldn't for the life of me really think of another TV scientist from my childhood. Also the audio wasn't synced, which was ultimately the downfall.

Best Comic Book Video Game

Using a little kid is always a risky decision as the younger the kid gets, the more unpredictable they become in terms of acting. Sometimes they're unwieldy and can't remember lines, whereas other times they gild every line with a golden layer of adorableness. This submission had things somewhere in the middle, with a great brother dynamic that played well, but inevitably seemed more like the older brother asking the younger brother to help. Brotherly love will get you only so far, which in this case would be in the Runners Up position.

Apples vs Oranges

I was rather excited to see what Chase and Watson would do for us as we had planned to have them on our podcast not two weeks from now, so when they came at us fast and hard with a debate that purely go it, and by "it" I mean the absurdity of No Right Answer, I was very hopeful. Chase seemed to be channeling my usual type of chaotic energy, whereas Watson kept things subdued like Kyle. But for all the humor, it felt a bit...too close to what we were doing. Not a bad thing of course! No, the bad part was that Chase's audio kept spiking to the point of splitting the ears of the groundlings, so we had to tell them thanks, but so close. We're still friends of course. I think. I hope.

Bethesda vs Bioware

As you saw, our choice was something a bit different from our own, and that's why we selected it. The debate was solid, the choices were sound, and most importantly, the two debaters were wholly their own. Neither of them seemed to be doing an impersonation of Kyle or myself but rather just did their thing and even really opened it up at the end to the viewers to decide, which I appreciated. We have a contest that shines a spotlight on someone else, and they in turn use this as a chance to get discussion going elsewhere. Class act there.

Now let's get back to our regularly schedules buffoonery!

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