No Right Explanation

No Right Explanation
Pudding and Swear Words

Firefilm | 4 Jun 2012 12:00
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Dan: Stand up comedy is something that not everyone likes, which is a very odd concept to me. Perhaps they don't like a particular routine, but why would anyone dislike a fellow human being standing on a stage and telling jokes? There's no harm or hidden motives in that, yet it is a cup of tea that does not belong to all of us. That being said, I think that most of those who would claim to dislike stand up really haven't found their perfect match of comedians. And as Chris mentioned above, comedy is very subjective.

Points, however, are not subjective. I am the judge and I get the final word. And, evidently, I didn't have a final word and tossed it to you, the audience. Fair enough, but at least let me explain the points that I did award, to perhaps sway any undecided voters out there.

First point went to Kyle because it is true that Carlin has a much broader palette of comedy styles on his easel. I actually streamed a routine on Netflix of his last weekend, and let me tell you, it was pretty impressive how varied his jokes got. Very good to diversify if you want to be king of all stand ups, and he did exactly that.

Yes, I did watch Carlin last weekend, and yes I was impressed at his variety. No, I did not laugh. Was he not funny? Of course, he was funny, but he wasn't funny to me. I don't find his kind of abrasive humor that ticklish, and that's just my taste. Cosby, however, transcends time, and tastes. He is funny no matter what type of mood you are in, and that is why Chris got the second point.

Kyle comes back with the argument that Carlin tried to achieve something with the use of profanities in his routine. Cosby has, mostly recently, tried to shift public opinion and views using his celebrity status, but Carlin has always tried to teach people as much as entertain them. That is a pretty good measure of a really good comedian. Just look at what Stewart and Colbert have achieved.

I want to make a quick note here that Chris did not get any points by stating that Cosby had a very funny and successful sitcom career. That reflects on his ability as a comedian, but not as a stand up comedian. See, I'm not asleep at the wheel.

Chris did, however, get a point for actually having a personal experience with Cosby. No<, that's not [b]why/b> he got the point, but the example of how a simple exchange led to a very funny moment is definitely a point waiting to be given. I can't help but think that if that had been Carlin asking that question and someone answered for Chris, what followed would have been a successive string of swear words that would only be funny to a select few. Funny yes, but not all encompassing.

And there you have it, the reasons for the points that lay where they may. It is interesting how many comedians are being brought up on the message boards, and I think we got more comments on this video than any other video to date. Time to whip Kyle until he tallies up the votes, and we will announce who you feel is the winner on Thursday, as always.

I leave you with a joke that my late uncle made up.

Two boys are playing and the older one smells the air, then grimaces and turns to the other.
"Did you fart?"
"No," says the younger boy, "I didn't fart"
The two boys continue to play and then the older boy sniffs the air again and asks again,
"Did you fart?"
"No, I told you, I didn't fart!"
The two boys play for a little longer, and the older boy sniffs the air a final time, and yells,
"Just admit it, you farted!"
To which the little boy yells back,
"I didn't fart...I pooped!"

Ah, comedy.

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