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MTV Makes Us Sad

Firefilm | 23 Jul 2012 12:00
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Last week the guys debated which TV channel is the biggest disappointment, and this week they continue that debate in print for your reading enjoyment.


Chris: I've got to hand it to Dan and Kyle. It's really fun being on the opposite end for a few weeks, getting a chance to see each new episode from the eyes of the audience, wondering what the debate's going to be and if it has any relation to something I know and love whatsoever. Well, I'm extremely glad that the two took on their most disappointing TV channels this week, since "Current TV Channels" is a Jeopardy category that I'd handily fail. Why? Because I haven't had cable TV in over two years now.

Yup, I switched to Netflix a while back since I realized I really didn't watch a whole lot on cable and if there was a series I really felt inclined to watch, I could find it online through the official network's website (usually). I've also made good use of the local library systems and kind friends. Does anyone still watch TV? Really?

As I've not now nor ever watched MTV or Sci-Fi (Sy-Fy), I can't for the life of me say what either debater should have said this week, so I'll just say that MTV was the clear victor and leave it at that. Worse still, I haven't watched enough TV to really learn to get disappointed by a particular channel since I stayed mostly to the basic channels and the evergreen winners (Nick, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery). My obvious choice would be something that others have already mentioned, but remember, I'm not supposed to talk about video games, even if the channel doesn't even have content about video games.

No, I'd rather touch on the disappointment I felt not from a channel, but a block of programming on a specific channel: Why did Toonami fall so hard? A lot of viewers are going to be quick to disagree with me and they may actually be right to do so, but for me, the end of Toonami's life seemed like a very sad shade of a once-great couple of hours devoted to anime.

I remember first getting hooked with our good friend Dragon Ball Z, watching every afternoon at 5 p.m. even if I'd already seen the episodes because it was just that great. Then I started to notice some of the other shows as well. Sailor Moon? Okay, weird but whatever. Gundam Wing? Yeah, that's kind of cool. Outlaw Star? Yes, keep 'em coming. Big O? YES!

Every time Tom did some sort of event where he'd die and get a new body was some of the most hands down awesome moments of television for me, and these segments weren't even an actual TV show. I was elated when Toonami spread wider and wider, and I'd even catch the Midnight Run on occasion, never forgetting the powerful effect the one animated music video night had on me (it's why I listen to Daft Punk and Gorillaz now). Hell, even their two soundtracks, one official and one that you should download right now (The Blackhole Megamix) justify Toomani's existence by themselves.

But then something sort of started to crumble. Toonami got shorter and more American cartoons started sneaking on, like Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and Batman: The Animated Series. These weren't bad shows, but Toonami was supposed to be all about anime, you know? I point a lot of the blame on Dragon Ball Z finally ending its run, but that's just speculation (that happens to be true). I know it's back now, or something like that, but I have no clue to what extent. I heard that Cartoon Network as a whole is slumping fast, save for some excellent shows on Adult Swim (a valid replacement for the Midnight Run by the way), but Toonami is just too far gone for me at this point.

And all that rambling just to tell you that I don't watch TV channels anymore.

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