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No Right Explanation
Sexiest People at PAX

Firefilm | 10 Sep 2012 12:00
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Last week, the guys interviewed attendees at PAX Prime 2012 on a variety of topics, and this week continue the discussion for your reading enjoyment.


Chris: You know, we have pretty awesome fans. Yeah, consider that a wienie of an opening, a naked grab at commenters' heartstrings, but I'm learning it's more and more true the longer we stick around here on the site. With last week's first fan omnibus, we got a chance to learn a few things about what we do. Would you like to know the results?

Well, overwhelmingly, we learned that it is very difficult to make a snap decision about anything that commenters usually give us an answer to so instantaneously. Figuring out the best of geek culture sounds simple enough with anonymity, but stuff a camera in someone's face and suddenly they realize that they've gotta be accountable, and as such, they'll choose their words carefully.

I've also been reminded that there's one part of our show we need to improve: International appeal. To be fair, we've never suggested we were experts by any stretch of the imagination, but still, I know it's got to be frustrating when we pick a topic, such a the Best Childhood TV Show, and not include something that you actually recognize from your childhood. The exact way to solve this escapes me as neither Kyle or myself are really capable of watching everything from all over the planet, though I believe Dan still has implants that allow him to download information straight from his Mac (all he uses it for is pirating Spice Girls albums though, even if he won't admit it).

This would be a plea for suggestions then. Debates that include videogames tend to avoid this pretty regularly since they're fairly global, but with TV shows and movies, please, suggest a good option for how to handle such debates, or even important places to start watching. Is it fair to break things into Best Sitcom and Best UK Sitcom, or does that bother viewers? Don't think I don't care!

For now, all I can say is that we've got a ton more debates planned. I'm looking into the question of whether I can once again debate about videogames, even if they're older ones, but even without them, we've got tons more episodes planned (and a hefty handful already recorded).

But wait! This week is the Escapist Expo, right? Yup, and I'll be there! As a fun note, this will be the furthest I've ever flown and my first time traveling across the country and into the East Coast time zone. Gah! Spooky! If only I weren't prone to motion sickness! See you at the Expo anyway! You might even get a chance to see me pull the other segment contributors aside and argue senselessly until we fall into a heap, giggling and crying as old friends. That's what old friends do, right?

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