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No Right Explanation
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Firefilm | 22 Oct 2012 12:00
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Last week, the guys discussed which member of the X-Men was the coolest, and this week continue the discussion for your reading enjoyment.


Chris: I love the X-Men. Well, that's a hefty statement there. I love parts of the X-Men. I was introduced to the group and to comics in general really with the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Sagas. Hot damn, if ever there was a place to hop in, it was there. I learned to love Nightcrawler. Mm, BAMF is indeed a good way to describe him, and as a religious person myself, I never found him overly crazy, so all was good. Colossus was another favorite because, ooh yeah, that's a cool power. But still, nothing could come close to the raw addictiveness that was and still is Wolverine.

I have probably read more with Wolverine in it than actual plotlines concerning the X-Men proper simply because I found his dedicated stories more entertaining. A lot of commenters really disliked Logan, and I can't begrudge you for that as he is written terribly in some places. But inversely, I've found that when he's written with a careful touch, his stories are gripping, sickening, emotionally draining, but ultimately exhilarating, mostly because for a character with an indestructible skeleton and the ability to heal from essentially any injury, he's given a lot of character flaws to balance him out.

You may find what I'm about to do a bit gauche, but Wolverine is essentially the Batman of the Marvel Universe insomuch as both get waaaaay more panel time than they deserve and both can either be written by strong writers - like Claremont in Uncanny X-Men - or they can be written by weak writers - like those ones I didn't read because Wolverine is always awesome to me.

Oddly, both brooding heroes have had their "aging hero coming out of retirement books" with Batman having the quintessential (and aggravatingly boring) Dark Knight Returns, and Wolverine having Old Man Logan, a graphic novel I highly, highly recommend to any comic fan. Not only that, you can't kill either, they both seem to have aliases that they only bring out when convenient, and both are perpetual loners, even if they begrudgingly team up with brighter, more goody-goody heroes from time to time.

Really, any character is as brilliant as the writing and only as interesting as the story allows, but even on a pure "how cool would these powers be" level, Wolverine wins my choice for favorite X-Man simply because I would love to be reasonably indestructible, have heightened senses, have retractable claws (I don't care if they're metal or not), and most importantly, have a good reason to be a hairy animal man. I currently only have one of those powers, but I'll let you decide which one.

Again, it's all in good fun and with a group as dynamic and enjoyable as the X-Men, with awesome characters of all genders and species, it's a perfect example of no right answer, which hey, is the name of the segment we do! How 'bout that!

For the record, my top five X-Men are:


That is all. Fastball special, take me out!

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