"Well done," he says. "I think you're ready. What do you think?" You courtesy, and he smiles at you.

"I'd give anything to have an image of you just a year ago to compare with this vision. Now here, take this gold for the guard outside of the Diamond Quarter. I've known others who've had luck bribing him in the past." Duglin hands you a heavy poach of gold. "Be careful with that. With all the expenses this gambit has incurred, it's the last of my stores. Now, away with you, and good luck." He winks to you. "May you bring us both an unfair fortune."

You leave Duglin's stall and walk only a short while before a diminutive merchant leaps from his booth in front of your path, cradling the most beautiful necklace you've ever seen in his dirty palms. Its metal chain is more than shining, it's radiating light.

"A necklace such as this could never truly hope to compete with your beauty, but won't you please give it the opportunity to at least try?" he says, in what's probably the most charming voice he can muster.

You look down at the gold pouch you with which you were just entrusted. Surely Duglin would find the money for bribes elsewhere. After all, his investment to date is far too high to waste completely over the loss of one tiny bag of gold.

Purchase the necklace. You were only ever in this for the baubles, and if it turns out to be magical, its value may even be far greater than what this merchant is selling it for.

Leave the necklace, and continue to the guard.

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