He'll have a lot of interesting happenings to deal with there. Let's get to describing him in great, vivid detail. A good character also deals with conflict, so what's his? You've got two ideas kicking about.

I could go with this one ...

Born in the Vale of Arryn as an identical twin, he spent most of his days as a fishmonger trying to make enough money to support his ailing mother. When fired for a theft he didn't commit, and faced with the impending death of his mother, he became what he never had been and stole from the local magistrate to purchase medicine. His brother was then mistakenly captured and executed for the crime, just before he could admit to it and explain the mistake. Now, though a successful merchant enjoying the luxuries he was never afforded as a child, he still sees the face of his dead twin brother in every passing reflection.

Or perhaps ...

Unlucky in love for all his life, at the age of twenty he finally finds a woman he considers a potential soul mate. The wedding was as beautiful as it was expensive, and the next day he woke to find nearly everything of value in his possession gone, along with his new wife. Without the ability to trust again, he became a justice of the state, famous for delivering harsher sentences than any of his peers. One day, years later, the woman who'd betrayed him appears in his court for the same crime, but done to another man. He doesn't understand why, but she's the first light sentence he's been able to pass in his career. At the age of sixty, he has finally learned forgiveness.

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