"Um, hello, uh--" you stammer as the creature advances. "Actually, I've always liked trolls. Always defended them when they've come up in dinner conversation, you know." It takes another step. "They don't actually attack, murder, and eat people, I always say to folk. I mean, that's just superstition, after all." You chuckle nervously, and the troll raises a claw to strike you. This is the end.

Your life flashes before your eyes. The whole process lasts approximately two seconds, one of which was just an image of beets. The other, perhaps more interesting, was those idiotic words scrawled across your footboard: MEEP MERP MUUU. You've always heard that mages command their magics by speaking the words of incantations with an inhuman strength of passion, and if there was ever a moment you'd be able to draw power from those words without formal training, it's now.

You take a deep breath and prepare to shout the words with every modicum of might sewn through your very soul. Much to your disappointment, your soul is currently leased by gripping fear, and the words come out as little more than a whisper. "Meep, Merp, Muuu," you barely manage.

Suddenly, a spiraling vortex of air, dirt, and snow begins to pull toward your body. The troll looks more surprised than you are. Slowly, his massive body begins to lift and fling toward you. Your knees turn to scrib jelly, and you collapse to the ground mere moments before the troll sails past where your head just was. You hear a loud crunch at your back and nervously look behind you. The troll's body is scrawled across the tree that had stuck you here, bloodied and broken. It slides down the bark and flops lifelessly on top of you.

It takes a bit of time to worm your way out from under the monster's weight, but offers you some time to think. What happened just now? Did those words finally work?

You struggle to your feet, place the troll's arm over your right shoulder and begin to drag his corpse into Riverwood proper. Regardless of how it happened, you've just done something amazing, and the town, the guards, and by Oblivion, even the Jarl himself must know about it!

Collect your well-deserved praise from an adoring crowd!

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