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Reliable Source: Furniture, Marijuana and Bobby Kotick

McArthur Blankenship | 12 Aug 2009 09:00
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Virtual Furniture Pushed on Home Users by Campy Vegas Act

Sony's Home, in hopes of being as relevant as Las Vegas street magic, has launched a cross promotion with male mascara sponsor Criss Angel who also hopes the move will make him as relevant as Home.

Players who endure a showing of Angel's Mindfreak will receive a virtual couch with which they can decorate their virtual apartment. However, due to a seeming lack of interest, the cross promotion is far from what either party are calling a success. Reports suggest, however, that it is doing better than last year's promotion that had players sit through a two hour Celine Dion concert to earn an imaginary bathmat, or the ill-considered promotion where players were asked to cut off an ear and send it to Sony headquarters to earn a virtual Van Gogh print.

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