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McArthur Blankenship | 19 Aug 2009 17:00
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Parent Group Combat Videogame Violence

PVFA (Parents for a Violence Free America), a national advocacy group responsible for attacks on game studios that produce violent videogames is growing more vocal in its concern over videogame violence and how it might affect their children's behavior. Taking a cue from other political extremist groups, the PVFA has threatened violence against the makers of games they deem lewd or violent.

Speaking on behalf of the group, President Randy Bowyer said "This is the only way we can protect our children from the evils of videogame violence. It's our plan to target the worst offenders first and then move on to casual designers too. Games like Bookwork Adventures which teaches children to murder fairy tale creatures while learning to spell. That's two things we can't abide!"
Already one designer was attacked by a chainsaw wielding member of PVFA in the parking lot of his Redmond workplace. Police are characterizing the attack as "brutal and ironic."

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