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McArthur Blankenship | 19 Aug 2009 17:00
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Yoko Ono Not Happy with Breaking up Beatles, Moves on to Harmonix

Chris Foster, one of the lead designers on The Beatles: Rock Band, recently complained that Yoko Ono's sudden interest in the game had made it very difficult to finish.

"First she suggested that each of The Beatles be represented by their spirit animal, and she wouldn't back down until we agreed to motion-cap a walrus playing the guitar - do you know how hard that is? We must have gone through six buckets of herring before we got it right."
Foster, visibly shaken by the experience, also said, "There were many previously unheard songs and footage included that she asked to be dropped from the game as well, including Sir Paul McCartney's Baby, She's Your Shrill Tuneless Harpy Now, and a number of interviews in which George Harrison gives advice on places Yoko might want to visit in the afterlife."

We at Reliable Source have also learned that Foster was asked to lie naked with Yoko, during a promotional photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine, and then was asked to fire one of his best programmers because Yoko felt that he was dragging the production studio down.

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