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McArthur Blankenship | 22 Aug 2009 09:00
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Local Man Gives Fair Warning to Wife

Local resident Joel Alexander is trying something new after last year's disastrous gaming season. He's taken a restraining order out against his wife and children in hopes that he will be able to play through the overabundance of games scheduled for this holiday season.

"I did this because last year was just a mess," said the 35 year old engineer and father of two. "I had barely gotten out of Megaton when my youngest daughter needed help with her homework. But this year things will be different. I have stocked my study with canned food, bottled water, dry rations, and a chemical toilet. I expect to get through the 10-15 games this winter without incident or interruption. I know the children will miss their father, but I'd like to reassure them that it's all for the best."

In the end the joke may be on Joel, since many of the games he was expecting to play have been delayed until next year.

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