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Reliable Source: Pirates, Sex and Spoilers

McArthur Blankenship | 9 Sep 2009 17:00
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Company Trademarks SexBox

Silicon Xtal Corporation has trademarked an adult game console known as the SexBox. Along with playing adult-only games, the console promises to stream movies, run social networks and sport a wide variety of "human interface devices."

"We designed the system because there is really no outlet for adult games in the US. Part of the problem is that parents see the word 'game' and they think it's for their children." claimed one Silicon Xtal employee, "When they see it's an adult game, they become confused and can't make up their mind about what 'adult' really means. It's our goal to remove any uncertainty about who should play adult games and who shouldn't. We never meant for children to play Tijuana Donkey Rider 3. That was the mistake of parents who didn't read the rating before giving it to their 8-year-old daughters. We hope the SexBox will go a long way to heal the past and provide an atmosphere of dignity and maturity as only a machine dedicated to masturbation can offer."

Reliable Source readers should note that Silicone Xtal's last venture into consoles was less than successful. Their controversy-fraught console 'The Pony NeighStation 3' is the reason adult-only games are no longer found in stores.

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