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Reliable Source: Wands, Outbreaks and Zombies

McArthur Blankenship | 12 Sep 2009 09:00
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Swine Flu Outbreak at PAX

After nearly 100 people suffered from flu-like symptoms at Seattle game convention,PAX, authorities quarantined the entire event. This means that conference goers are not permitted to leave the building, regardless of whether they are carrying the virus or not.

"We believe the outbreak spread so quickly due to a promotion being held for EA's Dante's Inferno game." said a spokesman for the CDC. "In this particular promotion, participants were asked to participate in a gluttonous feast of finger foods. This in itself was unsanitary, but when combined with the 24-hour World of Warcraft booths right next-door, it was a recipe for disaster."

Officials were considering sending in doctors to check on A1N1 sufferers, but after discovering that not one person in the building had medical insurance, the CDC has decided that an air-fuel bomb would be more cost effective.

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