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Reliable Source: Wands, Outbreaks and Zombies

McArthur Blankenship | 12 Sep 2009 09:00
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Sony's New Wand Has Balls

Companies are hot on the heels of Nintendo and developing their own unique motion controllers. The Xbox, for example is working on a video camera controller known as the Natal: A product that Peter Molyneux promises will make magical creatures appear from your television and transport you to the far off land of Kalamazoo.

When we asked Sony what their plans for launch titles were they said they had a "wicked" sword-fighting game where two people could shake their balls at each other. There's also a slightly more mundane game about being a traffic cop where users can wave their balls to direct passing cars.

"Sure, one ball is great," said a representative for Sony while explaining features to the crowd. "But to really get the full experience, you need a friend to play with. Really, there's nothing better than a having a couple of friends over, drinking some beer and playing with your balls."

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