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McArthur Blankenship | 16 Sep 2009 17:00
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"No Guns" Says Nintendo

The makers of Super Handgun School Defender called for Nintendo to ease its ban on the word "gun" as a label for Wii shooting remotes. The company has even implied that it may pull its latest Wii title if Nintendo does not comply.

But Nintendo isn't backing down, saying that the Wii's history of family-oriented games such as Madworld, Deadspace and Dead Rising provide a familiar place for families to dismember zombies and aliens without the stigma that comes with calling their lovable Wiimote a gun.

"We're not asking for that much," said a producer for the game, firing his semi-automatic H&K MP7 in the air to emphasize his point. "Guns are part of American culture. Nintendo denying the American people's right to call their controller a gun goes against everything that makes this country good and free. If Nintendo doesn't love America, maybe it should leave it."

The developer's surefire hit, Shoot Shoot Revolution: Medicare Rally II, will be available on Xbox, PS3 and select handhelds this fall.

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