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McArthur Blankenship | 23 Sep 2009 17:00
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Police Raid Drug Den, Bowl 250

Law enforcement officials in Polk County, Florida, raided a known drug dealer's home on Tuesday. After securing the house, the police turned their attention to the entertainment center, where they collected evidence by investigating the Nintendo Wii.

"This sort of investigation really requires the officers to get into the head of the suspect," said Lt. Churchman. "That's why our officers spent a great deal of time getting into this particular suspect's head today. During our 8-hour raid of the house, McKinney nearly bowled a 250 in Wii Bowling. I look forward to coming back here when this guy gets out in 3-5 years and doing it all over again."

The commissioner was particularly proud of his force, saying, "It always amazes me to see how my troops find time to hone their skills as police officers. If McKinney does that well against the 8th precinct bowling team this weekend, I'm pretty sure he'll earn his stripes this winter."

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