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Reliable Source: DLC for Nonexistent Games and Activision’s 2010 Lineup

Marion Cox | 21 Oct 2009 17:00
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On Monday, TwoSure studios: Lodon announced a downloadable content pack for [1], a yet-to-be-announced Diablo-esque first person shooter. The pack, entitled Zombie Island, offers players the potential ability to travel to one of the world's would-be islands and fight off the zombie hordes - or not. Players may or may not be able to earn new ranks of weapon expertise and unlock new armor or fly unicorns to Mars; details of what the unreleased game is about are sketchy at best.

A representative for the Alliance of Nonexistent Entertainment Merchants (ANEM), told Reliable Source that the organization welcomed games like Bloodlands to their ever-growing family of modern entertainment that has no inherent worth or purpose. ANEM's list already includes: dance music DJs, photo-manipulation artists and Carlos Mencia.

[1] BloodlandsBloodlands: Zombie Island is due out in late 2010, suggesting that an actual game may follow shortly thereafter.

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