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Reliable Source: Obama’s Gays in the Military Plans Revealed!

Marion Cox | 4 Nov 2009 17:00
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Undaunted by the task of making Borderland's weapons even less special, the creative team is already hard at work on a DLC pack that will quadruple the already 87 million weapon combinations through creative use of invented adjectives and an underused bit of syntax.

Hans Munche, director of creative grammar for Gearbox Studios, took the time to sit down with us and give us an exclusive statement about the upcoming DLC.

"All this time, developers have been ignoring the adverb," Munche stated. "For far too long, the adverb has been ignored by purists who think that the suffix, -ly, is for sissies. That bothers us, and it's why we are committed to bringing the adverb to mainstream gamers in our next DLC pack."

He continued, "If there is one thing we've learned, it's that gamers love lengthy strings of meaningless words before a made-up noun. Sure, it may shoot like a shotgun and have largely the same statistics as all the other shotguns in the game, but this is a Flumfy Demispreader of Disapprovingly Spiteful Wrath, how can you not love that?"

Reliable Source contributor, Robert Harnar, confirmed that there were indeed 348,000,000 unique weapon combinations in the upcoming DLC pack, but was later found dead of Numberylitis, a rare disease that targets people who count over 100.

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