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Reliable Source: Sex, Drugs and PETA

Marion Cox | 11 Nov 2009 17:00
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Things may not be going so well for Microsoft's creative director, Peter Molyneux. It seems that the once-lauded creator of Fable has taken a second job as a group marriage counselor for newlyweds and engaged couples.

Footage of a counseling session that showed up on YouTube this week shows Molyneux bursting out of a wedding cake and then giving a lecture, including lessons in courtship through dancing dogs, farting and pies, as well as maintaining a healthy marriage by paying blackmailers to keep your spouse from hearing about that whore you married in another town.

"In my game, Fable, you could plant a tiny acorn and return years later to see it grow into a tree," Molyneux mused. "Marriage is like that tiny acorn. If you plant that seed, someday your relationship will bloom into a sturdy oak." One participant at the seminar was quick to point out that Molyneux had promised an acorn in Fable, but never actually delivered. At that point, Molyneux suddenly ran out of the convention center weeping, blubbering something about suddenly realizing why his first marriage failed.

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