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Reliable Source: Top Gaming Gifts for People You Don’t Like

Marion Cox | 28 Nov 2009 10:00
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Reliable Source has learned that the VA Hospital in Norfolk, VA will be soon opening its doors to gamers suffering from game PTSD and other war related mental disorders. The move comes after congress was presented by a study that showed games could do real psychological damage to the minds of young men.

"I was betrayed by my commander, and my country," said Mike Herl, veteran of Modern Warfare 2. "I've climbed mountains, raced snowmobiles and my thumbs are all but worn out due to all the people I was forced to kill in disturbingly fun ways. I never asked for a lot; and I ain't lookin' for a handout now, I just need some help getting back on my feet. And maybe some prosthetic thumbs to replace those I lost to the dual analog joysticks on my Xbox 360 controller."

Mike's case may seem sad, but the truth is that he numbers amongst the lucky. Our courageous videogame veterans rarely get the treatment they need and often live in seedy LAN cafés drinking Red Bull and eventually sinking so far into despair they start playing World of Warcraft. If you want to help one of these heroes stay off the Warcrack and get prosthetic thumbs, please donate to Child's Play. Don't ignore the cries of gamers, or we'll have an epidemic on our hands like we did with Omaha Beach Syndrome (OBS) in 2006.

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