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Reliable Source: I Once Punched a 13-Year-Old in the Face

Marion Cox | 27 Feb 2010 09:58
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I heard Jim's angry swears from the other room. He wasn't having a good time but I ignored him anyway and drove to the next spawn point unchallenged. The rest of the team was closing in on the marketplace - I needed to take this flag quickly if I was going to have any chance to push them back past the bridge.

That's when I noticed the enemy commander, p00nm4st3r93, chose that place to spawn. He was calling in artillery strikes on my squad, who was fighting a desperate battle at the first spawn point. I pulled out my knife.

[Knife] Mcox killed p00nm4st3r93.

"UR HACKING," came his witty retort in triplicate. Whatever- I'd captured the flag and I wasn't about to waste that advantage typing back at him. My team started spawning on the flag and moving across the bridge. Even Jim had ceased his dramatics as he sensed the end was near.

The armor gathered on the bridge and began raining fiery death upon the other team. I took my squad across the river on the right to get behind enemy lines. They moved into the warehouse to capture it while I stayed behind to provide a spawnpoint and cover their rear.

While I was standing there, an APC rolled up. As the vehicle fired on my squad's position in the warehouse I planted my remaining stick of C4 to its butt and ran for cover. The C4 went off and rewarded me with:

[Grenade] Mcox killed p00nm4st3r93.

"WTF!" Poon said over chat. "How the fcuk do you kill an APC with a fucking grenade." I continued to Ignore him.

"Your hacking!" he repeated.

I could no longer resist temptation, I found a nice box to go prone behind.

"Like hell. You just suck." I should have stopped typing there, I didn't. "Maybe you should go back to playing dressup with your sister."

No response. I shrugged, stood up and continued to push to the last objective. Then I was dropped to the server selection screen.

"You have been banned from this server. (Reason: Hacking)"

I got up and walked to the other room where Jim was still playing. "Dude, this is bullshit."

"Dude, I don't want to talk to you right now." I hadn't expected that, did he really believe I was hacking or had I pissed him off by playing Rambo?

This was ridiculous, "What the hell man, I wasn't f-ing hacking."

"Poonmaster says you were and he says he has a Punkbuster screenshot to prove it."

I was shocked. I couldn't believe that little twerp had convinced my friend that I was a hacker. Perhaps Jim was still mad at me for leaving him to die on the hillside.

Frustrated, I returned to the room I was renting from Jim's parents, smoked an entire pack of cigarettes and contemplated my revenge. A while later Jim came into my room and told me that the Clan had voted me out and changed the clan name to Elite Shadow Assassins [ESA].

I think if I hadn't been going through a divorce at the same time I would have let it go. I was stressed out about my failing marriage and now my friend didn't even trust me. My feelings turned from depression into anger. Revenge would be mine.


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