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RP Digest #8

Lauren Admire | 19 Oct 2009 15:39
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Bioshock II: Welcome to Rapture

Host: Lost in the Void

New York is gone, wiped from the Earth, and the survivors have returned to Rapture to battle the deranged man that is Joshua. He is mutating CAIN in new ways, sending mutated splicers and new monstrosities for the group to battle. Blood flows, as many have nearly given their lives to defeat Joshua, but is he so easy to defeat? This is the question that plagues Richardson, Malice, Scott, and the rest of the group, can you destroy him, and the twisted vision he has for the world. Can they hold themselves together in the madness that is Rapture? We'll see....


Host: ThreeWords

Para-Ops Record: Alpha-32

Location: Unknown
Situation: High Risk
Supers present: Approx 7.

The supers have all begun to use their powers, whether by choice or accident is uncertain, yet the city continues to run its regular course. Chances are the supers have yet to do anything drastic. But it's only a matter of time.

We are certain of a few things, however. Several supers from the crisis two years ago have resurfaced in this city. So far confirmed are Catherine Horan, Threewords and Mister Terrible. Among them are a multitude of new supers. However devastating the last spontaneous granting of superpowers was, this one is on track to be a lot worse.

The Unknown

Host: Zemalac

Since the last Digest, the mysterious five in black were hacked to pieces, though the pieces are still moving. While they were being destroyed, twenty black-masked and black-tattooed men emerged from Deslock's cabin, which they had entered via grappling hooks through the porthole, and approached Keil's cabin. Jonas Thrace has been holding them off, with recent help from Ko'el, though two men did get past him, one of whom stabbed Raven in the back. Other Expedition members are moving towards the sound of the fighting or searching the docks for the man who had been shouting threats earlier.

The Second Shadow War

Host: Portal Maniac

Telemain, Kallia, Irene, and Corwyn return to the library and locate Samuel's corpse. Corwyn demands some jars, which the others go find, while he repairs the body and locates his soul. With the jars, he collects enough blood to refill his veins and reanimates him. Samuel opens a portal to Robin's castle and tells Irene and Corwyn to rebuild the Library. Samuel tells Telemain and Kallia to destroy the city by any means and then floats outside the city. The magicians set fire to the castle, the city, and the docks. Then Robin, Targutai, and James return to the city and confront the magicians.

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