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Lauren Admire | 13 Apr 2010 09:00
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Civil War - A BioShock RP

Host: SteakHeart

In the year 1959, a Civil War broke out in the underwater city of Rapture. Many people were trapped inside, some of whom were braver than others. The story starts off with a Big Daddy named Candle fighting off a group of Splicers- people driven insane by the use of a super-power-giving chemical called ADAM. In the meantime, several people were roaming Rapture. Candle and another Big Daddy named Lambda find their way to a Carnival in Rapture. More Splicers attack, and they fight them off while the human characters (named Jason, Zenith, Bird, and Nathan) watch from the background.

Candle and Lambda succeed, and they wander off while Bird jumps off of the Ferris Wheel he was hiding on and sprains his ankle. Zenith helps Bird with his ankle, while Nathan tries to fix up Rapture. A man named Tommy then shows up, and he also sets off to Ryan Amusements while yet another man wakes up with a Splicer trying to break in.

The second man, Vasili, meets up with the Big Daddies and joins them, eventually finding a message about Rapture's future. They head to Pauper's Drop, get another message, and set off to Fontaine Futuristics.

The rest of the cast ends up following the Big Daddies as well. When they arrive, they are greeted by a man sending Splicers after them, but a different man, who reveals himself as a businessman named Atlas, fights the Splicers off with a few Security Drones. Atlas directs them upstairs, where they disarm some mines and are now safe.

A Virgin World

Host: avouleance2nd

The idea of this RP is to create a new mythology with new stories creatures and deities starting with a creation myth I supplied. I wanted a more social world, where players could actually affect the political and social system instead of just doing what I tell them; a more player driven world. Similarly, the magic system was a more free version of the system from eternal darkness, instead of spells, there is the "tongue of the land," the language the gods spoke. By learning words of this language, players can command the world as they choose.

Masquerade: An Episodic Anime-Style RP

Host: StarStruckStrumpets

Following events that have been long since forgotten, The Master's University was established in Tokyo, Japan. Dark rumors surrounding an organization known as "Masquerade" were casually exchanged and quickly forgotten, until they resurfaced. Briefly mentored by an individual known as Mr. Knox (a man who later revealed he was a member of this enigmatic group), a small group of students have found themselves wrapped around the vengeful and manipulative finger of Jack, a traitor of Masquerade. Under his very influence, the students were pressurized into murdering Mr. Knox before they became subject to Masquerade's intentions.

Now, whilst being guided by Jack, the group of students are desperately hunting down the answers and abilities they need to save themselves from whatever Masquerade and its leader, who goes under the name of Sage, have in store for them. They may not like it, but that is their only option. Jack's motives are questionable, his morals non-existent, but in a world where there is no good or evil and survival is the only path, knowledge is power - knowledge Jack possesses.

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