Science!: Vomit Guns, Nose Spray and Plastic

Lauren Admire | 5 Oct 2009 17:00

Plastic Makes You Fat

What doesn't make you fat, nowadays? I was totally on board whenever people were blaming fast food, lack of exercise and high glucose corn syrup for the extra inches, but lately, it's just gotten ridiculous. I've heard claims that everything from health insurance to credit cards can play a role in causing people to gain weight.

Now, science has found tenuous evidence that exposure to certain plastics while in the womb or in early years may hardwire you for a life of obesity. These waist-altering compounds are called obesogens. That's right. Their entire existence revolves around making you fat. An obesogen disrupts normal development of metabolism and the use of lipids - processes which help to regulate and manage obesity. This claim isn't actually that far out there. Plastic is man-made, and the chemicals it breaks down into (such as phthalate and BPA) mimic natural hormones produced by your body. When levels of these hormones are increased or decreased by mimicking hormones, it can wreak all kinds of havoc.

How exactly the obesogen causes obesity is unclear. It's been postulated that it may work by disrupting your body's circadian rhythm, encouraging you to chow down when you should be sleeping (midnight runs to the fridge, anyone?)

A study has also shown that obesogens can affect the fetus during its development in the womb: Cells that were normally supposed to become fibroblasts became fat cells instead when in the presence of an obesogen. Existing fat cells grew faster and more plentifully when exposed to the compound, as well.

Source: Planet Green


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