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Lauren Admire | 3 May 2010 17:00

Man Who Doesn't Eat, Drink Studied by Military

How long do you think you could go without food or water? Three hours? A day? How about 70 years? Prahlad Jani is an 82 year old man that claims he has not consumed food or drink since he was 12. He's certainly got my attention, but he also piqued the curiosity of India's Defense Research Development Organization, who is conducting a study to see if his tactics could be implemented for military purposes.

Most people can only handle 3 to 5 days of a strict air-only diet. You can maybe make it to 50 days if you're still drinking copious amounts of water. "Your body can survive a maximum of 3 days without the intake of water, assuming you are at sea level, at room temperature and a relative humidity," states Bruce Zawalsky of the Boreal Wilderness Institute. So, as long as your body is not doing anything strenuous, like, oh, sweating, you're all good. How in the world has Jani survived seven decades of hardcore fasting?

Scientists are watching Jani like hawks as he goes into his sixth day of a 15-day observation session. So far, he's not experiencing any ill effects. He's not dehydrated, he's not hungry. He's doing just fine. Jani believes he's able to go without food and drink for one simple reason: he can live on a strict diet of spirituality because he has been personally blessed by a goddess. According to Jani, there's a hole in his palate, into which the goddess pours spiritual comestibles that are just as good as food and water.

Military agencies aren't so interested in the spiritual portion of the story, but they are interested in learning any techniques that Jani uses to keep his body ticking. Learning how he does it could help disaster victims stay alive until help comes, and help troops during their long stays out in the field. Fraud or the real deal, we can certainly learn something from Jani if he goes the whole 15 days without food or water.

Source: Popular Science

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