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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 5

Shamus Young | 17 Feb 2010 17:00
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Looks like Ned isn't the picture of vibrancy and health. I'm not a physician, but I'm pretty sure he's suffering from a bad case of Just About To Die.


Aw. Poor Ned the Jailer. Did that mean old Cob stab your guts out? What a rascal.


With his dying breath, Ned tells me to find Amdir. He also warns me the EOGAN is here.

Erm. Who?

Eogan seems to be the second-in-command of this branch of Team Bad Guy. He reports directly to the Nazgul. The brigands have been mentioning him now and again since the opening of the game.

Lulzy hasn't been paying attention, but if you keep an eye on the dialog you should know who he is by this point in the game. This is his big reveal.

Eogan serves an important purpose. Since this is Lord of the Rings, and since the War of the Ring is going on in the background, the game needs to provide you with important villains and foes that you can actually fight and kill without conflicting with the existing story.

At the same time, Eogan really sticks out as an obvious add-on character. His dialog is overwrought villainous hyperbole, much more suited to City of Heroes than Lord of the Freaking Rings.

Amdir. I'd nearly forgotten about him. The one responsible for me getting stuck defending this nest of cake-baking goofs.


"So... hello again Amdir. How's it going, then? Dying hard or hardly dying?"

Amdir mumbles some stuff about Eogan. I look, and sure enough Eogan is on the other side of a wall of flames. Celandine Brandybuck and another Hobbit are over there as well.


Eogan appears to be fighting the town oldie himself, Captain Brackenbrook. You remember him. He's the guy who wouldn't believe that Calder Cob was a traitor until he saw it written on a piece of paper. He's fighting Eogan, which means at least Brackenbrook has figured out what side he's on.

Still, that fight is probably not going to turn out very well for our side. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I need to get over there and help.

Amdir suggests I draw some water from the nearby well and put out the flames.

This is a little tutorial for the "delivery" mechanic, which becomes available later. Eventually I'll be able to take on these quests where you have to carry an object for a few thousand years minutes to get it from A to B. They're generally timed, and if you have to fight or enter water you'll drop the object and have to go back and start over.

This just demonstrates how that works. I just have to click on the well and carry the water about ten paces to the fire.


I douse the fire, and suddenly an unbelievable number of things all happen at once.


Okay, try to keep up here:

The fire goes out. Brackenbrook goes down. Amdir gets up. I go in. Eogan gets smug. Amdir takes a knee. I get out my sword. Some brigands end up on the pointy end. Amdir runs off. Celandine goes into a conniption. Eogan gets chatty. I get pissed. We both get ready to rumble. Eogan gets cocky. Then he goes down. The Hobbits get rescued.

Got all that? Yeah. Me neither.

See, Amdir has been losing his mind since getting stabbed. It looks like he finally caved and fell fully under the control of the Nazgul. Once that happened he quit the battle and wandered off. He's now a thrall of the bad guys.

Then Eogan and I had a showdown, which I won.



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