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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 5

Shamus Young | 17 Feb 2010 17:00
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This is it. It's time for the brigands to attack the town of Archet. No matter who wins, I have to say they've been very sporting to wait this long.

As I mentioned before, we're still in the tutorial of the game. The Archet we've been in is a kind of playpen newbie zone that you can't leave. It's also set to perma-daylight, since these events are all supposed to take place in a single day.

During the attack we'll be in a special instance version of the town, so there won't be any other players around. (Not that there are all that many in the newbie zone anyway.)

Jon Brackenbrook decides that we should wait at the lodge until nightfall. I don't know why. The lodge is not in town, and we're supposed to defend the town. I suspect he wants to secure the lodge until the last of the stew is gone, but I don't say that out loud.

Night arrives, and I find myself on a hill with Jon.


He sends me into town on my own, promising to find "another way in" himself. Except there are only two ways into town: The south gate and the east gate. He's sending me in on the eastern side.


I run down the hill and start hacking down the invading brigands. I was never very crazy about killing people, but I guess I'm hardened to it now. Yesterday I killed a man for a pair of fur-lined pumps with a low heel. (In green.) Later I killed half a dozen people for a wide-brimmed cavalier hat with an ostrich plume and a satin band. Very stylish. Now I'm killing people with no promise of garments at all. It's tragic that it's come to this.

I'd kill to get my hands on something with cuffed sleeves.

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