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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 7

Shamus Young | 3 Mar 2010 17:00
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Mason is in the middle of explaining where I can find the nearest squad of elite killer bandits when I stop him and suggest that he go and bugger a Goblin.


I return to Ted Pickthorn and tell him to take his pick-axe, his father's treasure, and the hanging tree, and shove them all up his ass. Sideways. In that order.

Now that we're done making friends, let's find someone else to help. I guess part of the blame for this mess goes to me for agreeing to help the son of a highwayman.

Okay, actually I skipped the rest of this quest because there wasn't anything interesting left to say about it. I would have gone after the treasure if there was a laugh in it for you.

Moral of the story: Be careful and don't always trust the "suggested level" in the quest guide. Also don't forget to check those quests rewards before you agree to do the job. Some people will give you pocket change to run to Mt. Doom and swipe the newspaper off of Sauron's doorstep, and others will give you a Flaming Sword of Awesome for getting a stuck lid off a jar of pickles.


I manage to track down a morose young lady who needs my help. During the raid her late father's fishing pole was stolen, and she'd like it back. Yes, I can see how a used fishing pole would be a hot item for rampaging brigands who live in the woods miles from water. I've been through the woods a dozen times now, and one thing I do know about these brigands is that they don't make a habit of carrying any fishing gear. Clearly this job is a ridiculous waste of time.

I tell the lass I'll do it.

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