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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 8

Shamus Young | 10 Mar 2010 17:00
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There's something you should know about Hobbits. They're not psychotic morons like humans. But that doesn't mean they're sensible folk. They're eccentric and silly. This is usually more tolerable than Big People, but they're still capable of driving you batty if you let them. Speaking of which...


The first person I see when I arrive in town is Mundo Sackville-Baggins.

You remember Mundo. I accidentally rescued him during the battle in Archet. The bad guys had captured him because they were looking for a guy named "Baggins." After a harrowing night of having heavily armed killers not harming him in the slightest, Mundo was rescued by Amdir and brought to Archet. He then spent another terrifying day relaxing around town while everyone else was hard at work* getting ready for the attack. Mundo was then rescued again (by me) during the battle of Archet after having absolutely nothing bad happen to him. (Although, I want to stress that rescuing him was just a side-effect of me being in town and killing everything that wasn't already on fire.)

* And by "hard at work" I mean, "asking me to do hard work for them."

So now he's here in town and he wants to talk to me.

"This is outrageous!" he huffs indignantly, "I will not be satisfied until I receive just compensation for my treatment at the hands of those Blackwolds!"

"Done." I tell him. "I killed those guys and then some."

"No, I mean I want compensation. Money."

"You want money? Believe me, they don't have any. I mean, you might be able to score some fishing gear or a list of dead trees, but the Blackwolds are actually somehow poorer than the people they just robbed." After a few seconds I add, "Oh, and they're mostly dead now."

"No! Not from them! I want compensation from everyone else."

There's this long pause while I look at him and he looks at me and I look at him and a little more of the Third Age slips away. Finally, I respond, "You want compensation from your fellow citizens for being kidnapped and then not hurt?"


"Were you bitten by giant spiders?"

"Ugh! Of course not!" he says with disgust.

"Did you have to fight wolves?"


"Were you attacked by a Nazgul? Fight a boar? Get stabbed by brigands?"

"Obviously not."

"Fight a fire? Bury dead people? Dig up tree stumps with a pick axe? Mauled by a bear?"

"No. But they were very rude to me."

"I think you are complaining to the wrong Hobbit."

In the end he gives me a letter for Mayor Whitfoot in Michael Delving. (For you humans, Michael Delving is a town, not a person.) He also gives me 90 coppers for my trouble. I'm heading to Michael Delving anyway, so I might as well take his money.

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