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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 9

Shamus Young | 17 Mar 2010 09:00
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Right. Now what? I suppose I could take a well-earned rest. Except, something has been bothering me during my travels. See, I keep running into these fancy-pants types with gorgeous clothes. And not just nicely shaped clothes, but clothes that match. I'm becoming increasingly ashamed of the state of my own outfit. (Although I'm still really fond of the hat.)


On the road I bump into an Elf woman with a satin dress in burgundy with gold accents. I stop her and demand to know where she obtained such grand regalia. She informs me that I can obtain dye and fancy clothes at the auction house. She starts saying some other stuff about clothing types and crafted items but she ends up talking to herself as I dash off. This fifty silver is burning a hole in my pocket. The auction house is right back in Michael Delving, and I refuse to spend any more of my time dressed like a colorblind vagabond.

So, off to Mike Delving then.

Last week someone - okay many someones - pointed out that the name of the town is Michel Delving, not Michael Delving. I have read the Fellowship of the Ring many, many times, and not once have I ever noticed this. Rather than edit all of the Mike Delving entries past, present, and future, I've decided to leave the mistake in place as a monument to my waning literacy. Point and laugh. We now return to Lulzy's trip to "Michael" Delving:

I run down the hill to Postman Grubb and grab one of his satchels.

Somewhat alarmed, he begins to explain, "That one goes to-"

"Yep. I'll have it there in no time!" I say as I dash off.

"But you're going the wrong way!"

I enjoy the wind rushing by as I am carried along by the Shire's mail-powered propulsion system. When I arrive, Postmaster Proudfoot stamps his foot indignantly as I chuck the now-useless mail into a planter.


"Don't sweat it," I tell him. "That mail was addressed to the other end of the Shire." This does not seem to cheer him up.

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