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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 9

Shamus Young | 17 Mar 2010 09:00
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I head for the auction house. I'm going to show the rest of the Shire the meaning of the word style. I want some of those fancy elven duds and a few of bottles of green dye. Or maybe black, if that's available.


Unrelated, but I took this image when gathering these screenshots.

Fifteen minutes later I'm back outside. I am still dressed like a colorblind vagabond. I have not bought anything. This is not going to change soon.

It turns out I'm a little short for the sort of gear I want to buy. It turns out I need something in the neighborhood of all of my money times ten to make this sort of purchase. Are these clothes woven from the eyelashes of virgin albino elven princesses? Is green dye squeezed from Dragon gonads or something? Why is this stuff so expensive?

Of course, this stuff costs this much because it can only be crafted by high-level players. Like anything else in an MMOG, if it's worth having you have to work for it. And by "work" I mean "hours and hours of killing an endless procession of boars, bears and brigands.

So I need a lot of money. The average job pays about 90 coppers, which is just short of 1 silver. And I need a lot of silver. Which means I need to do a lot of jobs. Who is it around here that has a lot of work available?

Wouldn't that be...



Next time: Gold farming!

Oh? This week's song? Yeah. About that.

I mailed it to you.

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