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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 10

Shamus Young | 24 Mar 2010 09:00
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From Little Delving to Michael Delving to Waymeet to Needlehole to Michael Delving again to Tuckburogh to Hobbiton to Oh god my legs are tired. Overhill to Bywater to I really wish I was killing spiders instead of this. Frogmorten to Woodhall to Stock to The postman will DIE by my hand. to Budgeford to Scary to What the hell kind of town name is "Scary", anyway? Brockenborings.


Fifteen steps in all, and each counts as a regular quest in terms of XP and money awarded. Takes just under an hour if you don't botch any of the steps. It's enough XP to take you from level four to nine. And the process will net you...

Thirteen silver. That's all I have to show for single-handedly delivering all of the mail in the Shire, a task which hasn't been accomplished since the Shire Post was founded a thousand years ago and the very first mailmain threw the first load of mail into a ditch. I stagger back into Michael Delving, footsore and ashamed.

And now I need another job.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. The people of the Shire seem to be able to afford homes and food without needing to resort to unsavory practices like killing giant spiders, murdering people, or delivering mail. I can't help but think that maybe they might be onto something. Maybe instead of doing odd jobs I should just settle down and make a career for myself.

How about farming? Farming is a thing people do. Doesn't look that hard.


It's just waiting for crops to grow, right? I find someone in town willing to teach me, and I make myself a farmer.

In the game you can pick from many different crafting professions. Mining, foresting, tailoring, jewelry-ing, and a bunch of other stuff I really should get around to trying at some point. I could become a scholar and I'd probably be able to make myself some dye in another twenty or so levels. That would be fine if I wanted to spend the next three years writing this series.

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