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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 10

Shamus Young | 24 Mar 2010 09:00
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Once you get to the higher tiers, you'll be able to grow apple trees. They're just like other crops, though. Which means you can grow trees in thirty seconds. At night. And then chop them down to get the apples.

I make with the reaping, and put the fresh pipe-weed in my pocket. Then return to the vendor to buy another bucket of water and another fistful of horse splat. I repeat the process a few times, but it's kind of annoying to keep going back for water and waste every single time I want to grow another crop. So after making sure nobody else is looking, I buy 100 buckets of water and 100 handfuls of ick. I slip them into my pockets with all the other stuff I'm carrying and walk away whistling nonchalantly.


I spend most of the day in back-breaking labor. Plant. Then harvest. Then take the crops out and separate the seeds for the next batch of crops and bundle up the good weed for sale. Rinse, repeat. It's slow, hot toil in the dirt and sun, but I comfort myself with the thought that my riches will make me the envy of Hobbit-kind.

Finally I take my bounty to market to see how much I've brought in. Hopefully I can head to the auction house next.

Let's see... it was 4 silver for the 100 buckets of water, 4 silver for the seed, and 4 silver for the crap. At the end of the day, I've turned all of that into 400 bales of pipe-weed. Which are worth exactly 12 silver. For all of them. So, I did all of that farming in order to break exactly even.

No, wait. I spoke too soon. I forgot to count the 6 silver I spent repairing my equipment. And the 6 silver I spent on the outfit. So, not only did I not make any money, I actually spend all the money I did make earlier by humiliating myself for the Shire Post.


Tobacco gives a good return.
We grow this crop, then make it burn.

Taters and onions are grown a lot.
Must be why they're worth jack squat.

Rice and wheat, barley and hops.
These are what we call "drinking crops".

Peas and cabbage? I like to grow them.
But worth so little I'd rather mow them.

Trees give apples red, green and brown.
I don't know why we chop them down?

From tiny seeds to great big plants.
We grow these things to pay for pants!

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