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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 11

Shamus Young | 31 Mar 2010 09:00
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Daisy's hiding spot is on a nearby hill. It's actually a great spot. (For giving a public speech.)


I return to Rollo and stare at him blank-faced with my hand out. I can't bring myself to admitting I just played hide and seek for money, and so I'm just trying to get through this without speaking of it out loud.

"Nice job finding those two!" he shouts, clapping me on the shoulder. A few other Hobbits nearby look over to see what the fuss is. The mayor shakes his head at me in disgust. "But!" Rollo continues, "There is still one Hobbit left to find. Are you sure you're up for it? It's said he's the best hider in the whole Shire! Odo Pipes is a clever one and you'll be hard pressed to-"

"Odo? You mean that nutter on top of the Tavern?"

"You... you know where he's hiding?"

"Everyone. Knows where he is. Nobody thinks he's hiding. I kind of thought he was up there trying to work up the nerve to kill himself."


Rollo makes me climb all the way up there to "find" Odo. It's not good enough to simply point to him on top of the tavern. It's not even good enough to shout, "Hey genius, I think you may have been spotted up there by all of the non-blind people in the Shire!" No, I have to scale up there myself to "find" him in the official sense of the word. Afterward, I return to Rollo and a few nearby Hobbits give me a smattering of sarcastic applause. I can hear the mayor laughing, although I don't dare look.

Odo pays up and I'm another ninety coppers closer to my goal. Which is still hundreds of coppers away. And my self-esteem has taken some rather harsh damage. I feel an intense need to clear out of town until everyone forgets about this hide-and-seek business.

So I'm off to Hobbiton, where I meet baker Holly Hornblower.


Holly has heard about my heroics in Archet and about the work I've done around the Shire, but she hasn't heard about the hide-and-seek business yet. So our relationship has that going for it. She's obviously hiring, and I let her know I'm available.

"Oh good! I have an important job for you!"

I nod with approval.

"I need you to deliver a pie for me!"

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