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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 12

Shamus Young | 7 Apr 2010 09:00
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It's getting to be late in the day. I have stopped by the Green Dragon, a tavern of some reputation in the Shire. I have decided to spend a little of my hard-won earnings on a sip of ale. Just like the last tavern I visited, this one is having some sort of brewing problems that can only be rectified by a stranger.


The barkeep tries warming up to the topic. He drops some hints about the Four-Farthing Brewing Moot. Then he mentions his special blend, which he thinks can win. Then he mentions how he doesn't have any on hand. Then a supply cart creeps into the conversation and he starts talking about dwarves.

I've been nodding my head this whole time but he's just not getting to the point. Finally I interject, "What is it you need, where do I find it, and how much will you pay?"

Slightly put out, he mumbles something about a barrel that needs to be recovered and points me in the direction of the town of Overhill. A bargain is struck, and I take a hike.

It's a straightforward job: Get the barrel. Bring it back. It's a delivery that does not involve pies in any way. It's a wonder why the barkeep didn't just do the job himself.


Oh. That's why.

Thinkaboutthemoney. Thinkaboutthemoney. Thinkaboutthemoney.

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