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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 12

Shamus Young | 7 Apr 2010 09:00
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The barrel seems to have been misplaced in the middle of spider central. This spider nest is larger than the town of Hobbiton. And as I get near the barrel they gather round and start a little tiff.

What am I doing wrong here? Does my hat have a sign on top that says, "Ask me to solve all your spider-related problems!"?

After several minutes of stabbing and yelling and cursing and stomping, I finally give the spiders the shove.


Making sure not to crush my five blueberry pies or spill my 100 buckets of water, I slip the recovered barrel into my pocket and return to the Green Dragon.


The sun is setting by the time I get back. The barkeep thanks me for my efforts and pays me my coin. He also gives me a mug on the house. Which I drink. And then just for good measure, I have a couple more. I find this really takes the edge off, so I round the party off with two more mugs and stumble back outside.


I'm feebling prety goood now. I might shoud probly find place to slepe thish off but i'm dont wanna. Hm. Im gong to go find moar quest. IM GOING TOO BE THE RISHEST HOBIT EVER!


Whee. Nice frogggy.

Next time: Who ya gonna call?

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