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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 13

Shamus Young | 14 Apr 2010 09:00
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It is sunset and I find myself broke, poorly dressed, and in the town of Tuckborough.


Also, I find myself slightly drunk. This makes all of the previous things I just mentioned a lot more bearable.

Adelard Took is in need of help. The library in the Great Smials is apparently haunted!


I tell the old boy that I was in there just a couple of days ago (I leave out the bit about how I was swiping an old ale-brewing recipe) and I didn't see any haunting going on. But Adelard is adamant. He's sure that the ghost of the Old Took (roughly: a very famous Hobbit from a few generations ago) is haunting the library. He derives this theory from two observations:

1) Strange noises in the library
2) The bears just outside of town are becoming aggressive.

Guess which issue he wants me to investigate first?

No. Wrong. The second one. Sheesh. Haven't you been paying attention?

Adelard had decided the best way to deal with a haunted library is to... kill some bears? His thinking is that since the Old Took was famous for killing one bear, then if I (the glassy-eyed drunk who just stumbled in) kill a whole bunch of bears, it will make the Old Took happy and he'll go back to whatever he was doing when he wasn't haunting the place. Moreover, he'll pay me for my efforts.

Maybe it's the ale talking, but that sounds like a great plan! Sign me up!


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