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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 13

Shamus Young | 14 Apr 2010 09:00
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Edilina is only too happy to make boar ribs for her uncle. (I don't tell her they're really for a ghost. I'm pretty sure the old geezer is crazy, and I want to get paid for my work before they ship him off to a home or have him put down or whatever it is they do for nutters around here.) But she's out of boar meat. She suggests going out and killing three boars.

"Three?", I ask, wide-eyed.

"Well yes. I'll need three sets of ribs..."

"We're feeding one Hobbit. A single boar would feed him for a week. Have you seen these boars? Three of them could feed the town!"

"Three boars!" she hisses at me.


Three messy stabbings later and I return to her with thrice my body weight in raw boar meat. Is this really how people do things around here? Someone gets a hankering for boar, and so they draw straws to see who has to go out and fight one to the death? I think if it was, this town would either have a lot more vegetarians or a lot less Hobbits.

Amazingly, I only needed to kill three boars to get three sets of ribs. Must have been a bug.

I have to admit the girl is a really good sport about cooking three boars in the middle of the night. She whips up some ribs and I return to Adelard.

Adelard is grateful, "Thank you friend! I shall put these in the library and hopefully we'll all get some peace!"

"Yes. I've heard that ghosts are pacified by being near a plate of slowly spoiling food," I say once he's left the room.

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