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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 13

Shamus Young | 14 Apr 2010 09:00
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The lights and noise rouse a few Hobbits who open their windows to curse at me before returning to bed. I don't know about the Old Took, but I sure as heck feel better.

I stomp out the fire and wait for the smoke to clear before I head back to Adelard. He consults the library to see if the ghost is at peace.

He returns to let me know that the ghost is, in fact, not at peace. This news is so shocking, so astounding, that I very nearly consider blinking. Once. Slowly. He's tells me that he's at his wit's end, but I'm willing to bet his wits ran out long before I showed up.

He asks me to go and confront the ghost myself. He says the presence of the spirit is strongest in the corner of the room, near the small bookcase. He doesn't explain what I'm supposed to do if the ghost actually appears. Serve it an eviction notice? Stab it in the face? Offer it some tea? Are any of those actually dumber than what I've already done?

I really wish I had another sip of ale to take the edge off of this situation. And this hangover. Ah, well. In we go.


Okay bookcase, it's just you and me now. I give the bookcase a shake and...


A squirrel.

I chase the little bugger out of the library.

So let's see, in order to chase away this squirrel, we killed nineteen wild animals, woke half the shire, blew up some antiques, and wasted a perfectly good plate of ribs. Adelard pays me my money and gives me some additional goodies to keep me quiet about the whole nasty business.


The sun is coming up. It occurs to me that my night of drunken arson, poaching, and disturbing the peace has probably not made me any friends. I think I need to clear out of Tuckborough before everyone wakes up. Yeah. Get out of town for a few days. Preferably something far off.

Next time: Tales of the Goblin Slayer!

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