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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 15

Shamus Young | 28 Apr 2010 09:00
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I meet Wilimar Bolger.

Wilimar looks frightened. "Look what I found in my front door this morning!" he says in a shaky voice. He points to an arrow lodged in his front door.


"It's an arrow," I observe after a few quiet moments. "Is that the job or... ?"

"It's quite strange, though. The head is of Hobbit-make, but very old. However, the shaft looks like the kind the Big People use."

"It's an arrow," I say again. After a few moments I add, "So what?"

"Who would shoot an arrow into my door?"

"A nearsighted hunter? Who had too much to drink?"

"Please go and find out for me!"

I'm not sure what he's worried about. His door looks just fine. Maybe after a hundred or so such arrows he might need to think about putting a fresh coat of paint on the thing. Until then, I'm just not seeing a problem. But whatever. His 90 coppers aren't going to just jump into my pocket. Let's see what we can find.


To the north I find a torn journal. Well, I find a lot of things. There's a bow, which seems sort of incriminating in an arrow-based investigation like this one. There's also a backpack which could contain any number of clues or (thinking ahead, here) crap I could fence at the nearest shop. But for some reason I leave all that stuff where it is and just take the journal.


I take the journal back to Wilimar.

Yeah. You can't look in the backpack. You can't take the bow. The only thing you can do is swipe the torn and completely unreadable book.

Wilimar is encouraged. "Ah! A journal. Perhaps it contains some clues as to who loosed that arrow at my front door!"

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