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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 15

Shamus Young | 28 Apr 2010 09:00
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I return to Wilimar with enough greenery for him to construct his own hedge maze. In return he uses it to whip up some nasty, smelly stuff to rub on the wound. He gives me some bandages and sends me back across the swamp. Again again.

Callum is humbled by this small gesture, and pledges to leave Wilimar alone.


Callum you're down
'cause Wil's dad killed your sire.
So you came to this town
with one arrow to fire.

Tried to even the score,
but sadly you missed.
Then were gored by a boar
that doesn't exist.

So I've come along.
I've got just what you need.
A satirical song,
and some prickly weed.

So now I head back to Budgeford. Across the swamp. For the fourth time today. I will never be clean again.

I let Wilimar know that Callum no longer wants him dead, but now I do. So it's kind of a wash for him, really.

Well, let's walk around town and see who else needs what and for how much.


"Hullo," Odovacar Bolger greets me. "I'm having some real trouble."

"Given that I haven't killed a single spider in almost three days, I'm going to bet it's a spider problem."

"My farm hands have reported seeing a black-cloaked rider on my lands."

"Cripes. You actually do have a problem. Like, a real one."

Odo leans in and sniffs at me, "Ugh. What's that horrible smell?"

Next Time: Return of the Black Riders?

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