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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 16

Shamus Young | 5 May 2010 09:00
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The sun goes down. Once night has settled, I walk around town and see if I can spot any dangerous immortal wraiths prowling about. Eventually I reach Odo's pig sty.


You have got to be kidding me.

He's no rider, unless he rode in on a pig. He's a Hobbit stomping around in the pigsty, draped in a black cloak and saying things which would sound ominous if they were coming from someone who wasn't four feet tall and covered in pig shit.


I can't, in good conscience, put a stop to this. I have witnessed many stupid and absurd things since I returned to the Shire, but this scene is by far the most heartwarming. A young Hobbit terrorizing a town in the name of a good prank.

If you actually do this quest, you learn that our "Black Rider" is one Fogo Fallohide, who was actually paid to do this. You confront him in the pig pen and he runs away, dropping his black cloak. (A black cloak would actually be worth a fortune to players. A single bottle of black dye can run you upwards of 300 silver, which is over 300 times the value of the 90 coppers you get paid for this job.) But sadly, you can't keep the cloak. It doesn't even show up in your inventory. The game just says that you have it.

Anyway, you take the cloak back to Odo and after a bit of running around you get Fogo's name and you go and question him. You learn that he was paid to haunt the land by someone called "The Chief." In the end, it's all a plot to scare Odo into selling his land.

Which means that this entire quest has basically the same plot as every episode of Scooby-Doo.

Well, I can't bring myself to ruin a good jape like this one. But if I'm still here in the morning Odo will expect me to give some sort of report, and I can't very well lie to him. Which means I need to leave town. Again.

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