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Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 16

Shamus Young | 5 May 2010 09:00
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Well, 90 coppers for killing a bear isn't bad. This is a far cry from getting almost 3 silver for just running a letter, but it's still better than the last couple of towns. Everard gestures to the north indicating where I can find the bear and I head up the hill into the Bindbole wood.


Okay. Progress is slow. I'm only halfway up the hill and I've had to kill a few bears just in self defense.


Ah. A waterfall. I must say that of all the places I've traveled to poach bears in the Shire, this is by far the most scenic. Although, I'm not entirely clear on where the water is coming from? Shouldn't there be a river up there?

Anyway, hopefully it will be more easygoing from here.


Oh, come on. A squad of bears is camping the entrance to the valley. If I just charge in I'll have to fight them all, which is a great way to end up a bear snack.

Eventually I make it over the hill, but the bear I'm supposed to assassinate is still a ways off. But now I have to push through a bear den? With cubs?


One dead family of bears later, and I'm looking up another hill. According to the map, I must be getting close now. This job stopped being worth it about ten dead bears ago, but if I backed out now I'd get nothing. I need to finish the job so that I can get my promised next to nothing.

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